My Wolford Family

Thomas Wolfhardt born 1493, married to Barbara Schoenwalter born 1497 in Waiblingen, Wuerttenberg, Germany. They had five children; Josua  born abt 1520, Elias, Michael born 1523, Solomon, and Leonhardt.

Michael Wolfhardt born 1523 in Waiblingen, Wuerttenberg, Germany, married Agnes Hunn born 1532 in 1555. They had five children; Alexander born 1554, Johannes born in 1558, Agnes born 1561, Barbara  born 1563, and Johan Castolus born 1564.

Alexander Wolfhardt born in 1554 in Waiblingen, Wuerttenberg, Germany, married Eleonore Renz born about 1557 to Heinrich and Maria. They had nine children: Anna Maria  born 1581, Johann Ulrich born 1582, Elisabeth born 1590, Heinrich Michael born 1593, Ursula  born 1594, Ludwig born 1597, Eleanore born 1599, Georg Johann born 1601, and Alexander born 1603.

Georg Johann Wolfhardt born December 15, 1601, in Nurtingen, Neckar, Wurtemberg, Germany.  He married Anna Burckhardt, born about 1616 to Viet and Margaretha, on 22 Feb 1638 in Ravensburg, Wurtemberg, Germany. They had six children; Hans Georg born 1640,  Alexander Rudolf born 1642, Eleonora Sabina  born 1643, Ursula Anna Maria born 1645, Anna Dorothea  born 1646, and Barbara Sophia born 1649.

Hans Georg Wolfhardt born June 1, 1640 in Steinsberg Castl, Neckar, Baden, Germany. He married Anna Hagi, born 09 Oct 1636 to Conrad and Veronica in Ertzlingen, Zurich, Switzerland. They were married 01 Jan 1657 in ,Duehren, Baden, Germany. They had ten children: Sophia Margaretha born 1657, Anna Margaretha born 1659, Agatha  born 1660, Alexander born 1662, Anna Katharina born 1663, Phillip born 1665, Anna Maria born 1666, Georg Heinrich born 1667, Ursula Anna Maria born 1670, and Maria Katharina born 1671.

Georg Heinrich Wolfhardt born November 28, 1667 in Duhren, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. He married Dorothea Nahm born (date unknown) to Georg and unknown. They were married on 17 Feb 1691 in Duehren, Baden, Germany. They had five children; Johann Leonhart, Johann Peter, Johann Georg, Johannes born 1693, and Johann Friedrich born in 1695.

Johannes Wolfhardt was born in 1693 in Germany. He arrived in Philadelphia in September 1739 on the ship Friendship. He married Maria Agatha Zimmerman (Wohlfardin). They had six children; George born 1725, Michael born 1734, Anna Margaret born 1735, Christopher “Stophel” born 1736, Anna Catherine born 1742, and Philip born 1743.

George Wolfhart was born in 1725 in Germany. He married Elizabeth Zimmerman born in 1731 to Peter and Ann in Germany. They had three children;  Peter born 1747, John 1749, and Maria born 1753. George was born in Germany and came to America in 1739 with his father and the rest of the family.  His mother was a Zimmerman and as was his wife.  Jon Wohlford indicated to me in a phone conversation that these two women were related.  Elizabeth Zimmerman’s (George’s wife) father was named Peter.  There was a Peter Zimmerman on the ship that brought George and his father Johannes to America.  Very possibly this was his wife-to-be’s father.

John Wolfhart was born in June 1749, in Tulpehocken, Lancaster, PA. He married Maria Barbara (Wolfhart) born about 1750. They were married in 1776. He served as a Private in 4th Co, Capt. Jacob Binder, 3rd Bat, Philadelphia, PA. They had eleven children: Johann George born 19 Apr 1777, Johannes Wolfhart Jr. born 18 Dec 1779, Betsy born 21 Mar 1782, Anna Catherina born 01 May 1784, Henrich born 23 Jul 1786, Peter born 22 Jun 1788, Mary born 09 Apr 1791, Jacob born 22 Jul 1793, Daniel born 29 Mar 1796, Susannah born 11 Mar 1799, and Christian born 20 Jun 1801.

Daniel (Wolfhart) Wolford was born on 29 Mar 1796 in Loyalhanna, Westmoreland, PA. He married Anna Wise Anna Wise born in 1795. They were married in 1834. They had two children; Susannah 1837 and John born in 1835.






John Wolford, born August 12, 1835 in Baree, Huntingdon County PA and died July 2, 1907 in Los Angeles, CA. He served in Company B, Thirteenth Regiment, PA Voluntary Calvary during the Civil War. John Wolford Obituary 1908

Susannah Wolford was born December 16, 1837 in Barree, PA. She married Jacob Miller Isenberg in her home in Barree on May 7, 1856. They had seven children: Augustus Rupley born 1857, Annie Edna born 1858, John Wolford born 1859, Lucy Ella born 1861, Herbert Grove born 1866, Ralph Bertrand  born 1873, and Henry Wise born 1876.

Susannah once loaned an Eastlake marble top table to her church for use during communion. It remained there until the Church moved to a new building nearly 100 years later. Unbelievably, someone in the Church remembered the table originally belonged to the Isenberg family. It was returned to Don Berkebile. It is a treasured family heirloom and reminder of her kindness and generosity.

Thanks to Jim Wolford for the gedcom database. (John & Maria Barbara, Jacob, Reyless, John S, Edward Clarence, Gayle Nellis)

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