(E)Isenbergs in Europe

The following articles were copied and carefully saved by my great-grandparents. It is thought that our ancestors share the same heritage (Gerlach von (E)Isenberg 966-1008 A.D.) as this infamous line of (E)Isenbergs. We know that in every family, the elder brother succeeded the father in line. The descendants of the remaining children lived on to become farmers, tradesmen, and merchants. I have included the photos that appeared with the published stories. The resolution of the photos is not very good. The newspapers are in very poor condition or very good condition depending on your point of view, as they are from about 1904-09 and are quickly on their way to becoming dust. . . Enjoy!

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  1. Hi there. My paternal grandmother was (Ruth Shaner Scribner, died. 1974), and I’m a descendent of Gabriel Isenberg and Maria Eva Schwedner through Ruth’s family. Gabriel was the son of Enoch Eisenberg from Markershausen, Germany, and he and Maria emigrated to PA in late 1700s. Through some of my own research into German history, the Reformation, and areas in which our relatives were from (also Hessen..now Hesse, Germany), there seems to be a strong possibility the early Eisenbergs were actually Jewish and forced to convert to Christianity (like most German Jews) during the Reformation. I don’t see anything isenberg family website about possible Jewish roots, and am wondering if it’s been buried, or I’m totally off track! When I was growing up, there where whisperings of Jewish ancestry on my Dad’s side, and I’ve always been curious.. but no one could confirm it and my family assumed it was buried post WWII. The rest of my family heritage is Scottish/ English/Scandinavian/ Welsh – so it would be kind of exciting to discover something different! Thanks so much, Cathy

    • Hello Cathy,
      Our records show no indication of any Jewish heritage. Not saying it is not possible, butwe have never seen any evidence of it.
      Thanks Ginette

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