Susnitsky/Sumner Family Tree

Samuel Susnitsky born 1840 in Russia married Celia born 1840. They had five children: Pesach (Phillip) 1856, Gabriel 1859, Sarah Sumner 1864, Leah 1874, and Ida 1876.

Pesach (Philip) Susnitsky born 1856 in Russia married Gillie. They had eight children: Sarah 1877 born in Russia, Mary 1882 in NY NY, Lena 1886 in NY, Moses (Sumner) 1888 in NY, Joe 1891 in Brenham, Texas, Eva 1893 in Brenham, Flora in 1894 in Brenham, Rosie in 1895 in Brenham.

He then married Rose Kaplan born 1872 in Russia, in 1899 in Brenham, Texas. They had five children: Unknown son, Goldeye (Sumner) 1890, Sam 1904, Idah (Sumner) 1910, and Sylvia 1913. Some members of the family used the Americanized last name Sumner.
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Eva Susnitsky born 1893 married Peter (Smolsky) Smith in New York, NY. They had one daughter Grace Sarah born in 1925.