George Shultzabarger was born in 1794 in Porter, Huntingdon County PA. He married (unknown), and they had Sarah 1820 and George 1826.

George Shultzabarger, born in 1826, married Mary Walker born in 1827 in Ohio. They had seven children: Sarah 1848, Ruth 1850, Susannah 1852, Mary 1854, John 1856, Henry Graffius 1858, and Margaret born 1861.






Margaret Jeanette Shultzabarger born in 1861 and married Augustus Rupley Isenberg on January 24, 1878; the Reverend Peters officiating. Both were from Alexandria PA. The had 4 children.

Unidentified Family Photos: Below are links to family photos that I’ve been unable to identify. Any help would be appreciated.

A-left B-right Shultzabarger AB

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am a Shultzabarger, and I know basically nothing about my genealogy. Very neat to see these old pictures, and I would love to see more if you have any other information or references.

    • You’re welcome. I am slowly working my way through boxes of family photos; some identified, most not. If I can reasonably identify them, I plan to post them. Send me an email if you would like more information.