This collection began more than a century ago. My Great Grandfather, Augustus Rupley Isenberg, served as the Isenberg family secretary for many years and was involved in the research for the 1900 book. At the beginning of the 20th Century the family held many local reunions. Area families and their relatives from Central Pennsylvania (Huntingdon, Blair, Bedford, and Berks counties) came together at Lakemont Park, in Altoona, to celebrate their shared heritage. Copies of the Reunion programs and buttons left a great remembrance of these happy family events.

There is some detailed information about other Central PA families closely related to the Isenbergs; the Smouse, the Wolford and Eichelberger families. Additionally some limited information about the Grace, Dunn, Law, Daugherty; and related Cluck, Smith (Smolsky) and Susnitsky families. In addition to the family genealogies, there are newspaper clippings, stories, letters and photographs. I’ve added unidentified photographs to some of the family pages. Any help identifying them is appreciated.

I want to thank those who have so generously contributed and shared their remembrances and family histories here. I hope you enjoy your time and perhaps you’ll find you have something to add too.

What’s New? Keller Reformed Church records that were recently found as well as a copy of the baptismal records from the Huntingdon County Historical Society can now be located at Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society in Lancaster PA.

Photos added: 1991 Book: Maryland page – Gabriel Isenberg’s House at Bear Garden and the original cemetery stones of Gabriel and Eve (Maria Eva). See also “Current Notes” at bottom of page.

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photo – the Juniata River at Ardenheim, Huntingdon County PA
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  1. Looking for information on a photo that was in our family’s collection tht was marked on reverse as Maggie Isenberg. She was believed to be living in Harrisburg in the 1940’s with a daughter.
    We believe she was a daughter of Penninah Landis (1845-1921) who married William Craig (1834-1911). P. Landis was born in the Richfield, Juniata County area and died in Clear Creek, Indiana. She had 6 known children. Mary “Maggie” Craig born abt 1863 married an ? Isenberg and when she was elderly lived with a daughter and her husband in Harrisburg. I have a image of this family and will be happy to email to anyone who may have an idea of the name of her husband.
    Thank you

    • Hello Ruthann, I was unable to find these names in my records yet. Do you have the names of any of Mary “Maggie’ Craig Isenberg’s children? birth dates? That might help in the search of my Isenberg files.

  2. My grandfather is Frederick Rupley Isenberg, son of Howard Reed Isenberg, grandson of William Isenberg. Noticed the same middle name. My dad, Jack Slicer Isenberg was born in Mount Etna, PA and grew up in the Harpers Ferry, WV area. It looks like we’re very distant cousins, or something like that.
    Corey Isenberg
    Wildwood, MO

  3. My Great grandma Vida or Viola -short for ?
    Married Cope in Crossville Tn. Had several sons, one my grandpa Clyde f Cope. His daughter my mom is Glenda Cope. I’m pretty sure Vida Isenberg was from Ky. About all I know. Thanks if anyone knows more. Doug Sammons

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