My Smouse Family

Charles Schmaus was born 11 Jun 1281 in Germany; Jacob Schmaus born 28 Apr 1319;  Adam Schmaus  born 23 Apr 1342; Daniel Schmaus born 19 Sep 1370; Peter Schmaus born 14 Jul 1401;  Henry Schmaus born 08 Jun 1436; Michael Schmaus born 12 Feb 1460; Henry Schmaus born 20 Nov 1485; Charles Schmaus born 20 Oct 1521; John Schmaus born 19 Mar 1550; Adam Schmaus born 24 Jan 1583; William Schmaus born 14 Dec 1610; and George Schmaus was born 10 May 1638;

His son Peter Schmaus was born August 23, 1665. Peter married Mary Fleishman. They had six children.

Henry, the first son of Peter and Mary Fleishman, was born February 2,1688. Henry married Catherine Foltz and had nine children; Henry (Isenberg ancestor), John, Anna, Mary, Phoebe, James, Peter, David, and Elizabeth.

Henry (Heinrich) Smouse, son of Henry and Catherine Foltz, was born in 1734. In 1776 he married Catherine (no record of maiden name) They had four daughters, Margaret, Maria (Mary), Dorothea and Solome. Three of them married Isenberg men.

Margaret Smouse married (Simon) Peter Isenberg, son of Simon and Margaret, born around 1751. They had 5 children; David, 1797, Jonathan 1801, Phillip 1803, Mordecai 1806, and Hannah.

Maria (Mary) Smouse married Nicholas Isenberg, son of Gabriel and Eve, born 1757 on December 12, 1780. They had 8 children; Enoch 1786, Joel 1787, John D 1791, Benjamin 1793, Anna Margaret 1795, Eve 1798, Mary Salome 1800, and William 1801,

Dorothea (Darethy) Smouse was born in 1764. She married Enoch Isenberg, second son of Gabriel and Eve, born April 17,1761.

Enoch Isenberg was the youngest son and the tenth child in the family of Gabriel and Eve. Enoch went to Maryland with his parents. In 1804 he moved from Maryland to a farm of 189 acres in Huntingdon county, PA. In later years, Enoch and Dorothea moved into the town of Alexandria, PA where they lived until their deaths.. Enoch and Dorothea had 10 children: George born 1785, Henry born 1787, Daniel born 1789, Catharine born 1791, Susanna born 1793, Abraham born 1795, Anna born 1799, Samuel born 1802, Enoch born 1804 and Anna Mary born 1807.

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