Don Berkebile

“Don Berkebile was an 18th Century man trapped in a 21st Century world. A genuine Renaissance man defined as a man who has broad intellectual interests and accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. Anyone who knew him well were constantly astonished by his skills and accomplishments. Watching him fashion a piece of hardware for a restoration with his forge and anvil was watching an artist at work in his element. His restorations not only appear at the Smithsonian Institute, but in locations around the country and the world. The depth of his knowledge of history was not one full of dry facts. He lived immersed in history and would speak of it in terms he not only felt, but loved and deeply understood.”

Don was instrumental in researching and carrying on much of the Isenberg family history.The “Out of the Attic” letter is a perfect example of his vast knowledge and wit.

Visit the Justice for Don website to learn more about this interesting and unique man. RIP Don. You are missed.

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