Smith (Smolsky)

Yale Smolsky born 1820 married Rebecca in Russia. They had one child Isadore.

Isadore Smolsky born 1842 married Sarah Tirtza. They had six children born in Russia: Dvorah, Sam, Peter born 1890, Morris, Hyman and Rebecca (Golda Riva) born 1877.



Peter Smith (Smolsky) 1890 –  married, in New York, NY, Eva Susnitsky born 1893 in Brenham, Texas. They had one child Grace Sarah born in 1925.  Letter to Grace PeterSmith 2






Grace Sarah Smith married Leonard Cluck born in 1923. They were married at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY on July 8, 1945. They had four children; Peter Smith, Kenneth Alan, Laurie Ann, and William Joseph. Grace married Morton Dropkin in 1978 in Teaneck, NJ.