Ginette Kathleen Isenberg (b. 1950): “When I was 16 or so, Lillian Isenberg Bahney was very much involved in doing the research for her book. It was that summer that my father, F.R. Isenberg and I spent many sunny afternoons combing the countryside for abandoned cemeteries and lost headstones helping Lillian with research for her book. I remember it being quite an exciting adventure. I have, ever since, been fascinated with our family history.”

“My Great-Grandfather, A.R. Isenberg, and Lillian’s father, J.M.S. Isenberg worked together researching the family for the 1900 Reunion. It was this book that was the foundation of the 1991 book. The excerpts included here from Lillian’s book are displayed with permission of her family.” – Ginette

“If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the 1991 book, e-mail me and I will send you the contact information. They are still available.”


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  1. We are.grandchildren of Otto Isenberg, my dad was Gale Rolland Isenberg. There are 11 children. If you need you can email me. I am interested in buying the Isenberg family book. Would you.please send the info and price so I can get it.
    Thank you and habe a blessed day

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