After receiving a box of photos, with only a few with names on the back, I’ve done my very best figuring out who they all are. If you can confirm or deny the identities of these family members, please let me know. See the Daugherty page for links to unidentified Law/Daugherty photos.

Thomas Law (b 1808), Allegheny, Blair County, PA married Elizabeth Law (b 1810). They had eight children; Mary A Law (b. 1833), John Law (b. 1835), David Law (b. 1836), Jacob Law (b. 1839), Thomas Law (b. 1841), Michael B Law (b. 1844), Joseph W Law (b. 1847) and Elizabeth J Law (b. 1849). (1850 census, not confirmed)

David Law (b. 1836), Allegheny, Blair County PA married Kathryn Taylor (Law) (b. 1850) in Ohio. They had four children: Sarah Ellice Law (b.1872), Anna B Law (b. 1875), Lucy T Law (b. 1877), and William Law (b. 1880). They lived in Altoona, Blair County, PA (1880 census, not confirmed) 008


Sarah Ellice Law (b. May 1872) married Francis Xavier Dunn (b. Sept 1865). They had three children; Anna Mary Dunn (b.1891), Florence Dunn (b.1895), Joseph Milton Law (b.1898).

(Ellice married David Ish of Ohio. They had no children. 2nd marriage)






Anna B Law, born 1875 married William Edward Daugherty, Sr. They had two children, Hazel Bel Daugherty (b.1898) and William Edward Daugherty Jr. (b.1911).







Lucy T Law, born 1877 married Oscar James Pensyl Sr (b. 1873). They had 2 children; Oscar James Pensyl Jr (b. 1902) and Catherine Pensyl (b.1905).







William T Law (b. 1880) married Verna Maudella Shope (b. 1893) in 1914.