Peter Smith Cluck’s Marriage to Ginette Kathleen Isenberg

Disclaimer: there is a line of Clucks in Oregon, United States of America, that is of no relation to the aforementioned below. Additionally there is an Ashley Cluck Married to an Alexander Cluck with a child in Pennsylvania that are also of no relation to the Clucks below.

The Alex “Ash” “Morgan” (Isenberg) Cluck below is a Swift and is related to those below here. The Cluck family below is of Ashkenazic Genetic tribal origin.

Lazarus Cluck (b. 1886) (Great Great Grandfather of Peter Smith Cluck’s children) was born in Russia in 1866 married Bertha Harris who was born in Russia in 1866, They had 5 children: Annie Cluck 1892, William Cluck 1898, Israel J Cluck 1900, Helen Cluck 1902, and Julia Cluck 1906. All were born in Russia. They all immigrated to the United States of America in 1912 and settled in Boston, MA. The Boston Family loved magic and card tricks.

WmSaraLennieStanleyCLUCK 1William Cluck born in Russia in 1898, married Sarah Freedman (Cluck) born in Russia in 1901. They had two children: Leonard Edward Cluck 1923, and Stanley Cluck 1930. Both were born in Boston, Massachusetts. All four people listed are in the photograph.



LennieGraceCLUCK 1Leonard Edward Cluck (Airforce ww2) born 1923 in Boston, MA (d. 1970) married Grace Sarah Smith (Cluck) Born in 1925 (d. 2023) (Morton Dropkin (d) was Grace’s second marriage). Leonard Edward Cluck and Grace Sarah Smith were married at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY July 8, 1945. They had four children: Peter Smith Cluck, Kenneth Alan Cluck, Laurie Ann Cluck, and William Joseph Cluck.  Article: New Residents to Levittown PA 6/9/1953 Lennie&GraceCluck3




PPSC-GKI Wedding 2eter Smith Cluck (b. 1946) He enlisted in the Airforce and became a Staff Sargent and is a Veteran who flew with transport planes during Vietnam. Peter Smith Cluck‘s first marriage was to Susan Holloway in 1968, they had one child Kivi Michelle Leroux (Kivi Michelle Leroux Miller, she married Edgar Miller of North Carolina, had two children together; Ava Miller and Jia Miller). Peter Smith Cluck divorced Susan Holloway (Cluck) and then he married Ginette Kathleen Isenberg on September 5, 1976 on Mount Nittany in Bellefonte, Centre County, PA (Where this picture was taken). Peter Smith Cluck and Ginette Kathleen Isenberg have two children; Jonathan Isaac Isenberg (Cluck) PhD (b. 1983) (Graduate of RPI of Troy, New York. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). And Alexander MorganAshley Rupley” “Lucky” “Wesley” Isenberg (Cluck) alias A. M. C. Isenberg (Resident of Rapho township – Manheim, Pennsylvania), He is a prolific Tortured Poet/Writer, Artist Under Aliases, Amateur Archaeologist/Historian, Men Of Letters, Taylor Alison Swift lover, and contributor to society. (Entertainment Alex likes: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Motherland: Fort Salem, His Dark Materials, Charmed, Sabrina the teenage witch, The Old Guard, The Eternals, Anime (too long to list), Alias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Underworld.) Alex “Ash” stayed with Don Berkebile and Winifred Berkebile at their Colonial Stone home at Blue Spring road Mercersberg, Pennsylvania. He loved being left at museums for the day as child, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, two of his favorites.

The Children of Ginette Kathleen Isenberg and Peter Smith Cluck are Lakota Tribe adoptees through Sitting Bull and Augusta Rupley Isenberg (Finnish/Inuit/German-Swiss) (Their Great Great Grandfather)’s friendship. Jonathan Isaac Isenberg (Cluck) and “Mountain Ash” A. M. Isenberg (Cluck). They were raised in the Neshaminy Valley of Bucks County Pennsylvania (Local tribe Lenape which participated in the B.S.A.) both attained the rank of Eagle Scout, and loved attending Ockanickon Scout Reservation (Sacred site) almost every year for summer camp, sometimes twice, and Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation of Pennsylvania, United States Of America. They are also Related to the people of the United Kingdom through their Grandmother Olive Kathleen Grace (Isenberg), Ginette Kathleen Isenberg‘s Mother.

Extended Family of Peter Smith Cluck

Kenneth Alan Cluck (brother to Peter Smith Cluck) married Kim Chapman (Cluck) They are musicians in Texas. They had two children: Natalie Eve Cluck (Nasa Employee) and Nicholas Cluck (Airline Pilot).

Laurie Ann Cluck (Talmas) (sister to Peter Smith Cluck) married David Talmas (d. 2023). They had two children: Lia Dawn Talmas and Casey Elizabeth Talmas.

William J. Cluck esq. (brother of Peter Smith Cluck) Environmental lawyer residing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Scan_Pic0037 1Stanley Cluck married Irene (Cluck) (image). They had four children: Wendy Cluck, Pam Cluck, Cindy Cluck and Steven Cluck.