Lazarus Cluck born in 1866 in Russia married Bertha Harris born in 1866 in Russia, They had 5 children: Annie 1892, William 1898, Israel J 1900, Helen 1902, and Julia 1906. All were born in Russia. They immigrated to the US in 1912 and settled in Boston, MA.

WmSaraLennieStanleyCLUCK 1William Cluck born in 1898 in Russia, married Sarah Freedman born in 1901 in Russia. They had two children: Leonard Edward 1923, and Stanley 1930. Both were born in Boston, MA.



LennieGraceCLUCK 1Leonard Edward Cluck born 1923 in Boston, MA married Grace Sarah Smith born in 1925. They were married at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY July 8, 1945. They had four children: Peter Smith, Kenneth Alan, Laurie Ann, and William Joseph.  Article New Residents to Levittown PA 6/9/1953 Lennie&GraceCluck3




PPSC-GKI Wedding 2eter Smith Cluck married Susan Holloway in 1968. They had one child Kivi Michelle Leroux. Peter married Ginette Kathleen Isenberg on September 5, 1976 in Bellefonte, Centre County, PA. They had two children; Jonathan Isaac and Alexander Morgan.


Kenneth Alan married Kim Chapman. They had two children: Natalie Eve and Nicholas.

Laurie Ann married David Talmas. They had two children: Lia Dawn and Casey Elizabeth.

Scan_Pic0037 1Stanley Cluck married Irene. They had four children: Wendy, Pam, Cindy and Steven.