George Daugherty & Daisy

George Daugherty’s children: Maud, and William Edward Daugherty born 1873.

Maud died young.

William Edward Daugherty Sr and Jr






William Edward Daugherty Sr, born 1873, married Anna B Law born 1875. They had two children; Hazel B 1898 and William Edward Jr, born 1911.

Hazel B Daugherty 1898 married Story Pierce Law, born 1878 (son of Jacob Law 1840 and Electa Barnet 1847). They had one child,  Edward Jacob Law born 1921.



William Edward (Ted) Daugherty Jr. born 1911, married Ruth Harris born 1914.They had four children: Eileen, Theodore, Annette, and Ruth.

Eileen Daugherty married Howard Quinton. They had three children: Shirley, Mary and Douglas.

Theodore Daugherty married Elizabeth Ann Fetterman had one son: Timothy Andrew  (Tad).

Annette Daugherty had one natural born child: Bobby Oaks. She married John Deem and helped raise his children: Robert, Tina Lynn, and Douglas.

Ruth Daugherty married William Strosnider. They had four children: Michelle, Rosalie, Monique and William. Ruth then married James Gibboney.

Unidentified Family Photos: Below are links to family photos that I’ve been unable to identify. Any help would be appreciated.

A-top B-lower left C-lower right Daugherty/Law Group ABC

D-top E-lower left F-lower right Daugherty/Law Group DEF

G-top H-lower left I-lower right Daugherty/Law Group GHI

J-top right (far right is Anne Dunn Isenberg, daughter of Ellice Law) K-middle left L-lower right Daugherty/Law Group JKL

M-left N-right Both of these are tintypes. Daugherty/Law Group MN

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